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Why online journalism is the real deal…

Online journalism on an upward swing…
Growing IT use: There are over 50 million Nigerians currently using the internet, as well as over 120 million mobile phones. The market is rapidly expanding, with the growing availability of broadband nationwide.

New generation: For the youth, the best channel of news delivery is online. That is, fewer words and lots of multimedia content

Instant news: Online publishing provides instant reporting of breaking news, often

repeated by the print media the following day. Nobody waits for morning newspapers for news anymore.

Instant feedback: Unlike in the print media, readers’ reactions can be quickly accommodated.

Free information: Information wants to be free and people want free information. A perfect match then, via the internet

On-the-go access: Readers can read stories on websites anywhere they are, as long as there is internet service


Ibom Reporters is different, Apparently


First and foremost, business and politics:

Ibom Reporters is a top-class media firm for decision makers in business and politics.

It is primed to be where they go for credible information and quality analyses.

Entertainment, lifestyle and sport galore:

Our coverage of matters of interests to millions of youths is unmatchable: from entertainment and lifestyle to sport, vacancies, scholarships and fellowships.

First-class professionalism:

In this age of anything-goes journalism, Ibom Reporters is a professionally run media firm. It is not a blog or an aggregator but a classy media outfit produced by those with the professional expertise.

Uncompromising independence:

We are not a tool in the hands of any political, ethnic, business or religious interests

Plain integrity:

We do not engage in threats, intimidation or blackmail

All-day breaking news:

An outstanding feature is our live reporting of news and views round the clock. Every minute counts

Moderated Readers’ Comments:

Readers’ comments are moderated and edited. Ibom Reporters is a platform where only intelligent and edifying comments, devoid of abusive language, are published.

Thank you for choosing right.

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    Ibom Reporters bring you the latest news from all the local tabloids across Akwa Ibom State. We also keep you updated with the latest happenings around Nigeria and the world. Dishing out fresh, balanced and informative news. We present the most unpopular arguments to aid informed choices.

    Akwa Ibomites, rise to the faith of greatness. Rise to the faith that with God all things are possible. Rise to the faith that Akwa Ibom was created by God out of greatness. Rise to the faith that as a people, we can move beyond ethnicity, biases, religion, and gender Rise to togetherness. Rise to the faith of our resources, beyond what others see, human and intellectual.

    Akwa Ibom is a state in Nigeria. It is located in the coastal southern part of the country, lying between latitudes 4°32′N and 5°33′N, and longitudes 7°25′E and 8°25′E. The state is bordered on the east by Cross River State, on the west by Rivers ...