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The ireport eyewitness is an initiative where people anywhere in the state can send in pictures or clips of live happenings to the Ibom Reporters team for immediate coverage.

We, at Ibom Reporters, breathe the importance of real time coverage and look to you to help make that happen. Proper recognition and reward will be given for every entry published based on the quality of the story. Be a part of the real time team. Entries across all categories are welcomed.

How to: If you are present where any news worthy of coverage occurs, take a few pictures, and or make a short video send them to us using any of our contact or via the form below.

Content must be exclusive to Ibom Reporters. If you send them to anyone else then we won’t pay you for them. The more background information you provide the more you get paid. So if you can get us: what, who, where, when, why as well as full names and quotes from people involved, we will pay you more.

Call or Sms: +2348026210378

Or send a direct message to any of our social media pages below



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