Rev Richard Peters-

What do we want Barr Otobong Bob, the next House of Assembly Member for Nsit Ubium State Constituency comes 2019 to be? Of course we want him to be effective, to be good. I believe that he will remain true to the fundamental purposes of representative democracy and the legislative system.

So what is an effective, a good legislature in a time of dramatic change?

It’s a question, for the most part, that has gone unanswered, and even unattended. And the answer as to what a good legislature is must come from concerned citizens like me and you.

For him to be good, he must carry out the functions we expect of him in our system of representative democracy. The principal ones are balancing power, representing constituency and making laws. In considering whether he will be doing his job (and hence are good), we have to examine how well he will be performing these three functions.

Balancing Power.

Constitutionally, legislature is a separate, co-equal branch (indeed, the legislature is the first branch of government and the executive the second) that share governmental power.
So it follows that legislatures must balance the power of the executive branch.
When sworn-in comes 2019,
Barr Otobong must insist on participating in the initiation of policy of which I believe his advocacy and intelligence will place him on that sphere.

Representing Constituency

One of the major roles of a legislature is representation-representing his constituency, the people of Nsit Ubium State constituency, will have a reason to praise God because Barr Otobong Bob has in stock concrete plans for the youths, women and all individuals.

The question you may wish to ask is, how well will he perform its representational tasks?

The simple and honest answer is that, as part of his representational function, he will provide service to constituents. Since Constituent service is normally the job of individual member who appreciate the importance of doing a good job in this area. Service includes responding to constituents’ area of needs, taking care of the their interests with respect to state-aid formulas, local projects and public expenditures.
He will ensure that citizens, have access-access to civic education, by being responsive, at least to some degree, to what citizens want.

Making Law

Although representing others deals with the relations between the legislature and the public, lawmaking is internally focused. It relates to the processes by which laws (and policies) are fashioned.
Lawmaking includes several related legislative activities. The legislative role in formulating, reviewing and adopting a state budget has special significance. The budget is probably the most important bill that a legislature passes. A legislature that performs poorly on the budget is likely to be an ineffective legislature overall, Barr Otobong Bob will be actively involved in this process to ensure it speedy passage and utilization.

My believe is that Barr Otobong Effiong Bob will make the people of Nsit Ubium state constituency proud at the house of assembly comes 2019, I therefore give him all my supports and I’ll mobilize all the Nsit Ubium sons and daughters to support this young, competent, dynamic, passionate and visionary youth legislature.