By Rev. Richard Peters

I am tempted to join issues today with Gideon Ekere, the publisher of Global post Newspaper, one of the newspapers sponsored by the opposition forces in Akwa Ibom State to attack the government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel and assassinate the character of Mr. Ephraim Inyang, the Commissioner for works in the State.

It is quite unfortunate, what journalism practice in Akwa Ibom State has become, with the likes of Gideon Ekere, who sees nothing good in Akwa Ibom, the efforts being carried out by this administration to deliver dividends of Democracy to the people, through the opening up of new roads in communities that had no access road. Provision of basic amenities to the people and the ernest call on the people to arise and be self reliant.

From what I have followed about the activities of a character called Gideon Ekere, his attacks on Mr. Ephraim Inyang, the lies spread by him to the people using his paper and online forums, his continued effort to cause a political war between Senator Akpabio and Governor Udom, hitting the head of their loyalist together to cause tension, I want to say that he is a deadly virus attacking the progress of the State. Those who sponsored him for the attacks he is carrying out on the performing Commissioner for works in Akwa Ibom State, a man who came and change the face of the works ministry, on daily bases, should be ashamed of him and themselves, because the developmental strides of this administration is clear enough for people to see.

The character of this man Gideon Ekere can do anything for money, that is why he does not hesitate in lunching blackmails against the government and its officials. Sometimes with a very false story, very fake that even a little child seeing it would know that it is a pure case of blackmail. No wonder it is believed that he killed his mother just to inherit her entitlements, and refer to him as a man that has been cursed by both the dead and the living.

What I still can not understand is why this devilish character, resorts to using charms on the people to extort money from them and then calls himself a Christian. It was reported sometime ago how he used charm to extort money from Mr. Akpabio, Mr. Umana Okon and others, just because of money. But his charm has failed to work on Mr. Ephraim Inyang, who just like Governor believes in God. That is why he is staying on the line of blackmail on the government.

How can one explain the fact that a local tabloid called Global post, carried a story that Mr. Ephraim Inyang said that former Governor Akpabio stole over 1trillion naira as Governor, just to cause problems in the state, between those loyal to the former Governor and Governor Udom, using Mr. Inyangeyen. This to me was a way out of line, because it was a false story spread by a dubious and stupid mind and a devil’s advocate, Gideon Ekere.

This is the same man that when hunger came calling and his charm failed to work on Mr. Ephraim Inyang decided to carry an advertorials on his paper without any official instruction, just to get money from the commissioner, which the commissioner never issued to him, and later claimed that the man was owing him N400,000 as backlog of unpaid advertorials. When I read the story of how he was trying to bring in Senator Akpabio and Mr. Ephraim Inyang into conflicts, which was published on his paper on August 21,2017,I knew he was indeed a demonic character, waiting for war to ensue, for his kingdom to suck blood.

The other day while discussing this issues with somebody, on how this character is trying so hard to cause disunity in the state, by his false and malicious stories, the person opted in to say that he is being sponsored by the MD of NDDC Mr. Nsima Ekere to discredit the efforts of the government, and tarnish the imagine of Mr. Ephraim Inyang, who they perceive as a threat to their lies on the people, because he is always on the radio and cites, to refute their lies about the activities of the government in the works ministry, by telling and showing the people the real truth.

A man who was reported to have killed his mother through food poisoning, because of her pension and gratuity as a judiciary staff, used the money to build a house along Aka Etinan, chased his brothers away, can do anything for money, and people need to becareful about him, because from what I gathered, if he does not blackmail people using false stories on Global post newspaper, he goes diabolic with charms from a native doctors who according to some findings, is being paid by him.

I see the reason why the Nigeria Union of Journalist, NUJ, Akwa Ibom State chapter on August 24, 2017, suspended him for unethical conduct from the federated chapel withheld his membership, and now he is roaming about, looking for more derogatory blackmail to publish about the government and Mr. Ephraim Inyang. Gideon Ekere when will you refrain from ” Pull him Down syndrome”? Imagine how demonic a man who calls himself a journalist can be, I wonder where he got his own training as a journalist.

May the information drive, Etinan ndon Eyo road, Eket ibeno road, and all the constructed, commissioned roads within the state, the factories concurrently operating in the state, the agricultural revolution in the state, the reawakening of the sport activities in the state, the efforts of Governor Udom Emmanuel in carrying the people along in his developmental Progress, that Gideon Ekere can not report as dividends of democracy judge him, and his sponsors. A serial blackmailer.

This post was submitted by a guest and reader of Ibom Reporters, views and opinions are copyrighted to the writer.