The 2018 FIFA World Cup is still months away from kick off. The facilities are still being readied. For some countries who are participating in their maiden World cup, it’s a party in the far east, for others like our own Super eagles, it’s another outing but for some football power houses namely – Brazil, Germany, Argentina et al anything less than a place in the final Is a flop. Don’t pity them, they brought it upon themselves by over-performance!

The 2017 exit-2018 entry festive rituals are over and done with but the fallouts still hang over us like the effects of Climate change. One such hangover is a bitter outcry by a section of the opposition over gifts handed out by Comrade Ini Ememobong to his kit and kin at his hometown.

The level of wailings generated by the minority outcry will leave an innocent visitor thinking Ini is a serving Commissioner, Elected Senator or maybe a minister of the government of the day. One would even be forgiven to think he belongs to the corridors of Aso. But hear this: Ini Ememobong is currently only the state Publicity Secretary of one of the tens of political parties in Akwa Ibom state. He has no allocations, no consistency allowance, no official budget.

Comr Ini Ememobong, PDP Publicity Secretary, Akwa Ibom State

Comr Ini Ememobong, PDP Publicity Secretary, Akwa Ibom State

So why the outcry? Why do the people expect tons of gifts from a mere party spokesman? The answer lies in the opening paragraph of my submission – over-performance! The PDP, the political party he speaks for has in the last 16 years counting raised the bar of democracy that it becomes a sin to perform normally. From Obong Attah to Mr Udom Emmanuel, excellence has so robed performance that even flaws in Akwa Ibom are cheered in other climes. You want to argue? Head to Benue where wheelbarrows are state gift, visit Kogi and Osun where workers yawn Merry Christmas, try Imo where the people cry “Lord why!”

Before you crucify Ini, let all publicity secretaries of political parties in Akwa Ibom publish photos of what they shared at Christmas.

It pays to be grateful.

Chukwu Agwu typed this on a cheap phone with borrowed megabytes.

A smashing 2018 Akwa Ibom.